Trump’s first news conference as President-elect

Donald Trump’s speaks today

Incoming President, Donald Trump last conducted a news conference in July 2016. Yesterday US President Barack Obama delivered his farewell speech in Chicago as he closes the book on his presidency. His speech was inspirational to the Americans; however, everyone is keen to see if Trump’s long-awaited speech will steel Obama’s limelight today?

Today at 4 pm (GMT), our attention will turn to Trump’s theory and what impact his words will have on the US dollar. A Trump speech will have the media extremely excited.  Indeed, there has never been a dull moment in the media since Trump introduced his Twitter skills to the world… So, expectations are high to hear some off the wall comments from the future President.

So, what’s next for the US dollar?


As we move into the second trading week of 2017, two main political events are evolving: Brexit and President-elect Trump’s inauguration on the 20th January. The dollar remains well supported against its majors since it is predicted that the Fed could raise U.S borrowing costs three times more in 2017.

The British Pound has seen negative investor sentiment since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union subsequently any Brexit related news has resulted in further Sterling depreciation with any positive economic data giving only temporary support the currency. Trump’s comments after today’s speech could add further support to the Pound however, how long this lasts remains unclear.

What does this mean for you and your business?

The noise surrounding Trump and Brexit is inevitable…. They will certainly affect your business throughout 2017 and beyond. Our traders recommend hedging against further downside risk as the coming weeks will be extremely volatile…If you do not want to be entangled in market uncertainty or you would just like to save on potential future costs it would be smart to look at the coming month’s FX exposure your business has and call Indigo FX to speak to one of our professional traders.

Don’t take a gamble on the current market… If your business is sensitive to fluctuating exchange rates, a Forward contract could be the suitable solution. A Forward Contract can help you eliminate the risk exposure associated with rate movements and protect your bottom line. Fundamentally, book now and pay later.

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