International Day of Families

Send Money to Friends and Family

As we celebrate the International Day of Families, it’s important to reflect on what family means to us. Families come in all shapes, sizes, and social backgrounds. To have a family means being rich beyond measure, but finances can run low at times. Family members that live in a different country may be too far away for us to travel and visit them, but there’s a way we can help financially. Indigo FX lets you send money to friends and family through safe and secure international money transfers.

What Are Money Transfers?

 Money transfers are electronic payments that can be sent to anyone, anywhere. International money transfers are sent overseas or to neighbouring countries, and they can be quite useful when someone you know is in a bind. They also allow you to send gifts of money during holidays and on special occasions. International money transfers are converted to the recipient’s currency at an agreed upon rate. Even online business that deal with international clients use professional money transfer systems, why shouldn’t you?

What Is Indigo FX?

Indigo FX is a foreign exchange company that specialises in both corporate and private money transfers. They do everything from simple currency exchanges to helping you purchase property overseas, which makes them the perfect company to go to when you need to send money to family or friends. Indigo FX gives you bank-beating rates when you exchange currencies, and takes care to transfer funds quickly. You save money, time, and you don’t need to stress out over bank fees.


Why Indigo FX Is Your Go-To for Money Transfers

So, what makes Indigo FX stand out from its competitors? There are quite a few reasons, but most of them have to do with ease of use. After all, sending money to your loved ones shouldn’t have to be a hassle. Here are a few good reasons to use Indigo FX’s money transfer system.

No Hidden Fees

 Many companies advertise having no hidden fees, but Indigo FX is one of the few that actually makes good on that promise. Every single bit of money you pay is in plain sight. You never have to guess what your end cost will be because Indigo FX doesn’t charge you behind your back. There is one number only, and that’s it. No tagged on administration fee, service charge or other costs.

It’s nice to know you’re in good hands, and honest ones at that.

Quick Transfers

An international money transfer through Indigo FX can take as little as 24 hours. Unlike banks, which can take weeks to clear funds from your account, Indigo FX is fast and safe to use. You can transfer money to friends and family at any time of day. This lets you transfer emergency funds that get there when you need them to, not several days or weeks later.

Safety & Trust

It’s true – banks are the safest way to go, but you don’t have to sacrifice speed for safety when you go with Indigo FX. Indigo FX uses a secure payment system that protects you while allowing you to get money transferred fast. They’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and Indigo FX’s clients can rest easy knowing their funds are protected against default.

An Easy & Understandable Process

Even if you’ve never used a foreign exchange broker before, Indigo FX makes it easy to understand how they work. They also give the possibly best rates on the market. For example, you could save hundreds to thousands of dollars when you use Indigo FX instead of your bank. This is because you get more bang for your buck when using their foreign exchange services. Don’t believe us? Check our online currency calculator. Why get £1.38 to the dollar when you can get £1.43 with Indigo FX? (Note: this is just an example exchange rate and doesn’t reflect actual prices)

Give Your Family the Gift of Indigo FX

 Whatever your money transfer needs, Indigo FX is here for you to let you know that sending gifts to family doesn’t need to be hard. You don’t need to wait forever just to get money to a struggling son or daughter in college or an expectant birthday recipient. Your guide to foreign exchange transfers is just a phone call away. Let the experienced professionals at Indigo FX make your money dreams come true with easy and secure money transfers to your loved ones. Happy International Day of Families!



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