Your Valentine’s Day Gift Sent with love via Indigo FX

Send money for free on Valentine’s day

Sending money overseas for Valentine’s day might be the best option for you if you do not live in the same country as your lover! Choosing the ‘perfect gift’ for your partner can be a daunting task. But that does not mean that you can’t still shower them with your love.

Sending them money gives your lover the choice to get exactly what they want for themselves. Indigo FX  provides customers with a free innovative solution to sending their money overseas with market-leading rates. Individuals face a lot of challenges when it comes to sending money abroad. Poor exchange rates and excessive transaction fees are just some of the main hurdles. With ‘Indigopay,’ this is all set to change. Our platform allows clients to make transfers worldwide 24 hours a day, whilst also giving them control down to the very last second as to when the transfer can be finalised through a payment schedule.

How can Indigo FX help you with sending money abroad for free?

Indigo FX offers you a fast and secure way to make international payments at competitive exchange rates. We offer free international money transfers and an expansive range of solutions to make sending money overseas far less daunting giving you security and peace of mind. Sending money abroad with Indigo FX is quick and easy. Opening an Indigo FX account is completely free and gains you full access to our professional traders who will help you with your individual requirements.

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