Sending Money to the USA

Sending Money to the USA

Sending Money to the USA

Sending money to our friends across the pond can be a hassle. You either have to deal with a lengthy wait for snail mail, or you can settle for high bank fees for a money transfer. However you slice it, it’s one more headache you don’t need to deal with. Thankfully, Indigo FX gives you the option to use FX trading to quickly and efficiently transfer money to family and friends in the USA.

Sending Money to Family and Friends in the USA

Indigo FX: Send Money To The USA

Families and friends often send gifts of money over the holidays or when someone has a special occasion, but few think to use a foreign exchange broker. FX transfers, are a fast and secure way to get money to the recipient while saving money, and have been a well-kept industry secret until now. FX transfers through Indigo FX save you a ton of money by giving you a fantastic  rate.

Indigo FX takes no commission for private clients, and there’s no setup fee to use their FX transfer service. There are also options for automatic transfers that get your money there even quicker, but the standard service is still quicker than the bank. Along with sending money to loved ones, you can use Indigo FX’s service to purchase overseas property in the USA, and vice versa.

Corporate Benefits: Transfer Money To US Clients

If you want to transfer money to the USA for a business deal, Indigo FX has corporate accounts with all the benefits you need to make fast, efficient payments. Indigo FX is ideal for businesses and corporations because of its secure payment system and same-day transfer option.

Transfer Money To US Clients

Your clients in the US want to know that their payment is secure, and Indigo FX guarantees your funds will remain safe with its secure payment system and segregated accounts, which are designed to protect your funds in case of a default or error. Indigo FX funds are kept completely separate from client funds, so should Indigo FX default, your funds are still safely tucked away and intact.

The corporate account spot contract allows you to send funds to the USA that same business day, no waiting for weeks on end like you would with the bank! This feature is great not only for emergency payments, but also nice for business deals that are on a strict time frame.

Let Indigo FX Help You Out!

Sending money overseas doesn’t have to be a problem, nor does it have to be a loss. Indigo FX is set up to give you the best rate and the safest, most secure payments you could ask for. After all, don’t you want to do things the easy way?

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