Trump Tweets! Will his tweets make Twitter Great again?

On January 20, Donald Trump will have his first night sleep in the White House. Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

All eyes will be on the President-elect as he takes the Oath of Office. However, we are more keen to see if Trump will keep demonstrating his tweeting skills to voice out his opinions throughout his presidency. The 140-character limit on Twitter does not undermine his statements. Donald Trump cleverly uses the limited characters to express different things in one single tweet.



Incoming White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, said ‘Trump will keep tweeting because his Twitter announcements get results.’ But interestingly, Obama said: ‘If Trump cannot handle Twitter, then he can’t handle nuclear codes.’

Some of the most interesting tweets of the incoming President:




Anticipating that the incoming president will scrap Twitter as the President of America? Think again!



In his pledge of making ‘America great again’ he might also help make Twitter great again? In 2016, Twitter struggled to attract new users and their revenue growth got weaker. But having the most powerful man tweeting everyday might change the sombre future of Twitter. We have only have to see if Trump adopts a more presidential approach to his Twitter account. An analysis of Trump’s Twitter account has led financial tycoons to predict uncertainty in 2017. Thus, the disruption in the Forex world will be even more obvious….His tweets remind us that 2017 will just be another year of economic and political instability.

So what does this mean for you and your business? It is likely to be another big year ahead for Global FX markets. Volatility was high in 2016 and we expect this trend to continue this year due to growing political and economic uncertainty that includes the following potential game-changing events:

– Trump’s Economic Stimulus (from January 20)

– Brexit (Article 50 to be triggered in March)

– French Presidential Elections (April, May)

– German Elections (July)

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