Challenging the High Cost of International Transfers

Introducing indigopay

Companies and individuals can face a variety of challenges when sending funds abroad; poor exchange rates, excessive transaction fees and unhelpful brokers can lead to customers not getting a fair deal on their FX payments. With the launch of Indigo FX’s new online payments platform, ‘indigopay’, this is all set to change.


The platform allows clients to make transfers worldwide 24 hours a day, whilst also giving them control down to the very last second as to when the transfer can be finalised through a payment schedule.


“We wanted to make sending money abroad as simple as possible”, said Kirpal Ubhoo, Director of Indigo FX. “Clients can log into indigopay and choose how and when to make their payment without the need to speak to a bank or broker. The rate shown on the system is the rate that the client will get for their transaction- there are no hidden fees or commissions.”


With no hidden fees and transparent pricing, indigopay puts the client in control allowing them to setup their own payments and transfer date. Users are able to track the status of all of their payments from start to finish.


The company offers both corporate and private accounts. For corporate users, indigopay offers a tailor-made service that keeps margins protected, enabling companies to maintain and improve on business profits.


Private users of indigopay can enjoy substantial benefits when sending money overseas and can take advantage of the most up to date exchange rates. With indigopay offering 0% commission, no set up fees and a minimum required transaction size of just £100, making one off or regular payments worldwide has just become a lot more affordable.


For more information about indigopay, or to sign up to the service, please visit

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