Supreme Court defies Theresa May on Brexit

Gina Miller wins Supreme Court Case Appeal on Brexit
Gina Miller wins Supreme Court Case Appeal on Brexit

The Supreme Court has announced its decision whether Theresa May can trigger Article 50 without having a legislation in parliament. Gina Miller, a founding partner for SCM Private has been fighting to get MPs to vote before the UK can start Brexit negotiations. She was confident that she had a strong case in court. ‘’The supreme court Brexit judgement isn’t a victory for me, but for our constitution, ‘’ she said in an interview today.

Highlights of High Court Ruling on Brexit:

  • Government loses Brexit vote appeal
  • Theresa May cannot have any Brexit talks with the EU
  • The parliament must vote before Article 50 is triggered
Supreme court gives MPs power to vote on whether to trigger Article 50

However, Theresa May’s government is determined to trigger Article 50 by the end of March as planned. ‘’Supreme Court ruling does not change Brexit,’’ said a spokesman for Number 10. The verdict is a knock-back for Theresa May as she was ready to start the legal implications of Brexit. She vowed to continue with her Brexit negotiations despite the Supreme’s court ruling.

The ‘Brexit saga’ still involves further legal challenges even if the Parliament’s vote is against the supreme court ruling of whether Article 50 should be triggered. For instance, lawyers have previously outlined that membership of the EU and of the European Economic Area (EEA) are effectively two legal agreements. Leaving the EEA has its own departure protocol and trigger, otherwise known as Article 127. As we can see, Brexit is a continuous battle…

Pound has seen a sharp decline since the UK voted to leave the European Union

The ‘Brexit show’ has undeniably affected the markets, the pound has dropped massively since the UK voted to leave the EU and it remains extremely difficult to predict where the markets are heading…If you are dealing with foreign currency in your day-to-day business, it would be valuable to get advice from professional FX dealers with a commitment to bespoke service.

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