What’s the value of the Pound in a Brexit World?

The pound is expected to suffer more after Theresa May speech on Tuesday

Last year saw what is arguably the biggest referendum decision on record. On June 23rd 2016, the UK public voted to leave the European Union. Fast forward to today and ‘Brexit’ is still a fresh topic with even a mention of the ‘B’ word from political and banking officials seeing the British Pound taking a hit.

Since the referendum last year, the Pound has depreciated to 31 year lows against the US Dollar and 6 year lows against the Euro. Since its initial fall the Pound has fluctuated excessively with better than expected economic data out of the UK giving some support. However, ongoing uncertainty and the incoming triggering of Article 50 could see further downside risk for Sterling on the horizon.

Since the value of the pound has fallen, importing goods from overseas has become more expensive. What does this mean for UK consumers? The change in Sterling’s worth has a profound impact on families in the UK.

A recent poll carried out by ITV, commissioned that 74% of the public are worried about their finances in 2017. Rising food and clothing prices undoubtedly drive an increase in cost of living. So, a weaker pound affects us all. Subsequently, the falling pound will have a direct impact on holidaymakers, families, pensioners and workers.

Is this set to worsen?

Indigo FX- Pound suffers after Theresa May speaks
The GBP remains under pressure as investors continue to react negatively to Theresa May’s hard-line stance on Brexit.

Theresa May’s interview last week saw the UK’s PM hinting at a ‘hard Brexit.’ Theresa May has told Sky News that the UK could not hang on to “bits of EU membership” which has adversely affected Sterling.

PM Theresa May is expected to reveal a Brexit plan next Tuesday. Will the Pound recover? It will possibly be the usual story; the value of the GBP will drop again.

However, on a brighter note, tourism has boomed in post-referendum UK. The dramatic drop of the GBP has undeniably attracted more tourists to visit ‘Brexit land’ and enjoy international-tax free shopping.

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